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The Doctor

Dr. Murat Ayik, a specialist with over two decades of experience:

  • Board eligibility status from The American Board of Endodontics 
  • Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the College of Dentistry at the University of Tennessee
  • Advanced specialty training for root canal procedures and endodontic microsurgery with Texas A&M University’s Health Science Center Baylor College of Dentistry

Dr. Murat Ayik

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Phillip Childers (via Google, see Google listing)

Excellent practice, super nice and caring staff. Very prompt and professional. I Highly recommend Woodhill endodontics dallas. I have severe dental phobia, knowing this they went out of their way to keep me comfortable, both mentally and physically. Wouldn’t go anywhere else. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Nathan Dickinson (via Google, see Google listing)

I can’t say enough good about Woodhill endodontics dallas.  They were able to get me in fast and did a fantastic job on my root canal.  They were patient with me and answered all of my questions.  They made sure I had a great Experience!!!


Andy Austin (via Google, see Google listing)

The best referral in the dental community. They were able to fit me into their schedule right away, took the time to explain all of my options, and very impressed with the entire office staff and the surgeon!


Maggie Newton  (via Google, see Google listing)

Dr. Ayik was amazing! He did my internal bleaching on my central incisor and it only took 2 ten minute visits. I’d recommend him to anyone!


Vishalni Devi  (via Google, see Google listing)

Dr. Ayik and his team are simply amazing. They listen to your concerns and do what’s best for you! Really nice and professional.


Katherine Jelliffe  (via Google, see Google listing)

I had a great experience at Woodhill endodontics dallas. The staff was friendly, helpful and compassionate. I had to have an emergency root canal and they were able to fit me in the very same day. I was very nervous, and the whole staff was very patient, understanding and explained every step of the process. I would definitely highly recommend.


Maria Garrison (via Google, see Google listing)

Dr Ayik is truly the tooth whisperer. My root canal was not a bad experience at all. A little discomfort with the first shot and the rest of the procedure was no big deal at all. No pain or issues afterwards.  He and his staff are gentle and caring. I definitely recommend them.


Kim Vercher (via Google, see Google listing)

I just moved to Dallas and unfortunately,  had a dental emergency.  Dr. Ayik, and the ladies at Woodhill endodontics dallas were amazing.


Dr. Ayik was kind and informed me about the process of a root canal. He brings humor when he can see the patient is nervous and eases their stress.  An incredible doctor who cares for his patients.


The wonderful and professional ladies that run the office, and assist him during the procedures are hands down,  the best in the business. The nicest people I’ve met in Dallas.


They make you feel like you are family, and for someone who knows no one in Dallas, this was comfort. Who can say that about a doctor’s office, but they are now part of my family.


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Choosing an Endodontist in Dallas for Root Canal Treatment


If you’ve ever had a root canal, you know how important it is to find an endodontist who can provide quality and comfortable care. Endodontists specialize in diagnosing and treating tooth pain as well as performing root canals. While general dentists may also be capable of performing a root canal, there are several benefits to seeking out an endodontist for this type of treatment. This blog post will outline the four primary reasons why patients should consider choosing an Endodontist in Dallas for their root canal treatment.


Reason 1: Experience

Endodontists devote their entire practice to endodontic treatments, meaning they have specialized training and experience when it comes to treating issues with the pulp or nerve of a tooth. On average, an endodontist in Dallas will perform about 25 times more root canals than a general dentist due to the fact that they only focus on this type of treatment. Additionally, specialized Dallas endodontists like Dr. Ayik have completed years of study and practice in order to become Board Certified Endodontists in Dallas.


Reason 2: Efficiency

Due to the fact that endodontists in Dallas only focus on one area of dentistry—root canals—they are able to provide efficient treatments more quickly than general dentists who may have numerous other appointments scheduled during the same day such as cleanings or restorative procedures. Additionally, when you choose an experienced Dallas endodontist, you often have shorter healing times from your root canal treatments because they are so knowledgeable about this specific area of dental care and know exactly what needs to be done in order to get your mouth feeling better fast. 


Reason 3: Availability 

In many cases, if you visit a general dentist for a root canal procedure they may not be available right away due to their other appointments or office hours being too restrictive for your needs. Most Dallas endodontists offer more flexible office hours which allow them to accommodate emergency cases much more quickly than other types of dental professionals would be able to do. This means that if you are experiencing severe tooth pain from an infection or abscessed tooth then you don’t need to wait days or weeks before getting the relief you need from a qualified professional who specializes in these types of procedures. 


Reason 4: Advanced Technology

Many endodontic offices have state-of-the-art technology such as operating microscopes, digital imaging equipment, ultrasonic instrumentation, and fiber optics which help them diagnose problems faster and perform treatments more comfortably than ever before—sometimes even without anesthesia! These technologies also make it easier for Dallas endodontists to locate hard-to-reach areas within your teeth and ensure that all areas affected by decay are treated properly during each appointment so that healing time is kept at a minimum after each visit is complete.


In summary, there are numerous benefits associated with choosing an experienced dallas endodontist rather than a general dentist when seeking out root canal treatment services. From their specialized training and experience in this field; efficiency through focusing solely on these types of treatments; availability when accommodating emergency cases; and advanced technology in order to diagnose problems quickly while providing comfortable treatments—there really is no better option for those seeking out quality dental care services related specifically to root canals than visiting an experienced dallas endodontist at Woodhill Endodontics!

Dr. Murat Ayik

Dr. Ayik’s two decades of experience as a practicing specialist have made him a trusted, knowledgeable professional in the dental world. After completing his undergraduate education at Tennessee Technological University, he further advanced his knowledge and expertise by earning his Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the College of Dentistry at the University of Tennessee. This makes him more than qualified to provide top-notch procedural care and advice when it comes to dental health. He has certainly become a pillar in the community due to his skill and dedication to providing quality service.


Following graduation, Dr. Ayik chose to serve his country by joining the United States Navy. During this time he was able to obtain a valuable Advanced Education in General Dentistry certificate from the Naval Medical/Dental Center in San Diego. After completing his AEGD certificate, Dr. Ayik decided to take it a step further and embark on advanced specialty training for root canal procedures and endodontic microsurgery with Texas A&M University’s Health Science Center Baylor College of Dentistry. This experience bolstered his dental career, providing the necessary knowledge and skill sets to practice dentistry at the highest level.


Dr. Ayik is an esteemed professional in the field of endodontics, currently holding board eligibility status from The American Board of Endodontics. His academic studies have been well-published, with one article – Maximum Bite Force And Chewing Efficiency Of Dental Implants And Endodontically Treated Teeth: A Preliminary Clinical Study – receiving widespread recognition, having been cited multiple times in professional dental literature worldwide. He is considered a pioneer when it comes to endodontic and oral health research, highly sought after by fellow scientists and clinicians alike for his impressive work on dental health topics.


Thank you for reading about us! We would love to get you on the books and care for you! Feel free to call with any questions you have, we’d love to take care of you! 

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